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Our mosques provides vast choices of services, such as renting of facilities (for events or walimah) and tahnik with selected scheduled timings. We hope that everyone will be able to benefit from it.


“…Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: ‘Do you have dates with you?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He took hold of the dates and put them in his mouth and softened them, then opened the mouth of the infant and put that in it and the child began to lick it…”

(Narrated by Muslim)


The prophet Muhammad s.a.w said, “Whoever from amongst you can benefit his Muslim brother he should do so.”

(Narrated by Muslim)

Nikah Event



Venue: Main Prayer Hall, Level 1 (Dewan Solat Utama)
Fee: Free-of-charge or any kind donation
Time: Fri Only 5pm-6pm.
Sat and Sun 11.30am-12.30pm, 2.30pm-3.30pm, 5pm-6pm
Pax Capacity: 200


Kindly make your booking via the booking form below. Do note that online booking is only an expression of interest and does not guarantee the applicant a confirmed slot. Masjid Maarof will contact the applicant within 7 working days for booking confirmation. 


NIkah venue Booking

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12pm &2pm


12pm & 2pm


Our imam will preside this ritual where a tiny portion of sweet date is placed in the mouth of the newborn followed by the first shaving of the baby’s hair and recitation of dua’s. The service is led by Brother Munzir Paitu, Imam of Masjid Maarof.


subject to availibility

Dates and Time subject to availability.

No tahnik on days that coincide with Public Holidays (PH)

  • All necessities are provided
  • Service is FREE!
  • Donations are welcomed still



our backbone

In this short period of time since Masjid Maarof was established, we’ve truly been blessed over the years in countless ways, including dedication and commitment from our volunteers coming from various backgrounds.

If you’re thinking of ways to give back to the community beyond donating (infaq) your gently used goods, the next step could be sharing your skills and your time for great causes.

How You Can Get Involved

Call +65 6515 5033 or email to info1@maarof.mosque.sg!


volunteer program

Volunteer opportunities vary throughout the year and are also without remuneration.

If you are interested to volunteer in more specific ways (e.g. photography/media), you may write to info1@maarof.mosque.sg with a short introduction, outlining your suitability and interest in the role. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

sponsor program

Masjid Maarof’s Education Unit has a ‘Sponsor A Child’ initiative; a platform for any compassionate individuals who would like to donate and fund a child’s participation in our Quran Recitation Classes.

The minimum amount for donation is $20 as this is equivalent to a month’s school fee for a child. You may donate up to any amount above $20.

School fees cost $280 per year.

Donations can be made at our Reception, Level 1 or Education Counter, Level 3.

be a befriender

Masjid Maarof’s Social Development Unit is inviting individuals who are keen to become one of our Befrienders (support system to our Zakat Recipients). If you’re interested to know more, give us a call or head straight to our Reception, Level 1 to get the form!

Volunteer Group

Masjid Maarof Volunteer Group = An Unbreakable Bond

Everyone and anyone plays a part when it comes to disseminating events and information that we share. It’s an indirect effort of dakwah when you share something that has Islamic values and teachings tied along with it, do you know? Coming out of one’s comfort zone and lending a helping hand physically and mentally, whoa that’s another major step.

We can never thank our volunteers enough for their assistance and support though we do our best to initiate appreciation nights and activities as a means of bonding.

The involvement that you can look forward to:

1. Assisting during Ramadan

  •  Ushers/Chest collection
  • Preparation of refreshments for Breaking of Fast
  • Preparation of refreshments for Qiyaam (last 10 days of Ramadan)
  • Porridge distribution to mosque residential vicinity
  • Porridge distribution within mosque vicinity

2. Friday Prayers

  • Preparation of praying areas
  • Ushering
  • Chest collection

3. Look forward to gatherings!

4. Attend FREE classes!

and plenty more!

nur of maarof

Did we mention that we have an awesome bunch supporting us as well? Have you heard about our Child Minding Services during the month of Ramadan? Yes, it is our beloved youths who willingly and selflessly chose to take care of the Jemaah’s children. Apart from helping us out in times of need, they do organize their own programs as well. Check out and follow their Social Media platforms to catch up with them!

financial assistance

Masjid Maarof is a Social Development lead mosque. We facilitate MUIS zakat assistance for Boon Lay and Jurong West Extension residents.

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