Madrasah Masjid Maarof strives to provide quality Islamic Education for children of the Muslim community; our Education team believes that religious guidance should be initiated from young.


The aLIVE programme is a structured part-time Islamic Education programme developed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). It seeks to provide a national baseline for Islamic Education curriculum for all young Muslims in Singapore.


The aLIVE programme is made relevant to the development of kids, tweens, teens and youth. Designed to appeal to young people, the programme aims to inspire students to continue Learning Islamic Values Every day.

For more information on the programme, head to

After graduation from the Youth aLIVE Programme, students may choose ro further their structured Islamic education at Pergas’ Sijil Lanjutan Pengajian Islam (SLPI) [Advanced Certificate in Islamic Studies] programme. A memorandum of understanding was signed between MUIS and Pergas which allows Youth aLIVE graduates fast-track entry to Pergas’ SLPI and be exempted from the 1-2 years Sijil Pengajian Islam (SPI). However, do note that the medium of instruction is in Malay and students are required to sit for the Arabic Language module.

Class schedule ay2021

Class schedule ay2022

Quran Recitation Class

The Quran Recitation Class is a structured programme focused on learning how to read the Quran with proper tajwid. Students will be assessed and sorted out into 5 levels, starting from the basics of Huruf Hijaiyyah recognition to recitation of the Quran.

Open to ages 5-18 years olds.



Registration for AY2021 Madrasah is now closed. Registration for AY2022 Madrasah is expected to be open by September 2021, insyaAllah.

Fee Payment

We encourage parents to make payment in a timely manner. Payment of monthly school fees is due by the 15th of every month.

Payment can be made by Credit Card and Paynow QR code at Parents may also apply for GIRO to ease the process.

financial assistance

For the aLIVE programme, MUIS offers the Islamic Education Fund (IEF) Grant to ensure that no child is deprived of Islamic Education due to financial difficulties.

Click here for more information in English and in Malay.

You may submit your IEF application through the online form at Do take note that we will require a complete registration form and all the required documents to process your application.

For the Quran Recitation Class (QRC), we have the Sponsor-A-Child initiative. Please approach us if you wish to apply for this grant. Upon successful application, students will need to maintain an attendance of at least 90%.

However, this sponsorship will only be effective if we have the community coming forward to donate. We invite those with means to make a donation at our counter. A whole-year scholarship for one student totals to $280. We also accept donations of $20 to cover 1 month’s school fees.

May Allah bless those who make it easier for others to learn the Holy Quran. Baarakallahu feekum.

Administrative Forms

You may download the required forms here or get a copy from our Education counter

madrasah giro form

We invite parents to apply for GIRO to ensure that payment of monthly school fees is made in a timely manner. You may download the form here or get a copy from our Education Counter at level 3.

change of session form

We understand that sometimes students will have a change of schedule in the course of the year. Please approach us to request for a change in session if required. You may download the form here or get a copy from our Education Counter at level 3.

Do take note that this process will only be possible if the requested session has available slots and is not full. Processing of request will take approximately 2 weeks before confirmation.

withdrawal form

In the circumstances that you need to withdraw your child from our Madrasah, please inform us and submit to us the withdrawal form. You may download it here or get a copy from our Education Counter at level 3.

Failure of notification will result in continuous billing of a student.

Processing of withdrawal application will take approximately 2 weeks before confirmation.

For Current Students

References for current students’ Circulars and General Letters


You may contact us at 6515 5033 or for any inquiries.

Please allow us a grace period of one week for us to respond. We do try our best to reply to you as soon as possible!

For updates on closure of our Education Counter, we recommend you to follow our Facebook page. You may also approach us at our Education Counter at level 3.

We hope to see you and your children at Madrasah Masjid Maarof!

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